How does it work?


I ask all clients (and prospective clients who would like a complimentary consult) to complete a pre-coaching questionnaire which seeks to tease out where you’re at, what’s holding you back and how you want to be living.  Many people report that filling out the questionnaire is the moment that “the journey” begins for them as it sets in motion the deep thinking required to start instigating some serious life change.  You can obtain your copy of the questionnaire here.  If you’ve clicked the link, well done, you’ve taken the first steps to change your life to awesome.


I offer a complimentary initial consult for prospective clients who may be undecided as to whether coaching is right for them or whether I am the right coach for them. The consult runs for approximately 45 minutes and gives us both a chance to see if we might be a fit. You need to check I don’t have two heads right?….  Fair enough. I’d do the same. You can book your consult here.


I also ask all clients to sign my Coaching Agreement.  It is aimed at making sure that both you and I are clear on how the coaching process works.  Once signed, we proceed to the first coaching session where we then commence development of some seriously inspiring goals that form the basis of the coaching series.   I tell people to THINK BIG. While there is nothing wrong with small suburban dreams, I want my clients to really go for it.  This is not a drill people!  The time is now!


I offer coaching series’ of either 6 or 12 sessions over 3 and 6 months respectively.   

Sessions are held fortnightly by phone, Skype or in person at my coaching home office in Melbourne (Eastern suburbs), Australia (with full email support in between). Where possible, I like for us to commit to a set time slot and day on a rolling fortnightly basis for the duration of the series.

My sessions are obviously subject to availability. Please check available slots in the booking system, which can be found here.  Please note too that unlike my past life of corporate burnout I do not make myself available all hours.  I know this can be annoying but appreciate your understanding.  If we proceed together, you too will be setting some strict boundaries for yourself in order to protect you from The Overwhelm and safeguard the things that really matter to you.


Pricing is as follows:


Per Session


6 Session Series (3 months)

220 AUD

1320 AUD

12 Session Series

(6 months)

220 AUD

2640 AUD

1 hour consult

250 AUD


Payment for sessions is made monthly in advance. ie. 440 AUD per month (for two sessions in the month), over a 3 or 6 month period. However, a five percent (5%) discount will apply to your coaching series where you elect to pay the full cost of the series upfront.  Where this is your preference, you must advise me prior to our first session together so that an invoice for full payment may be issued in advance of our series commencing. 

Anyway, enough of the practical stuff, click here if you would like to book your complimentary initial consult and access my pre-coaching questionnaire.

“I had the great pleasure of working with Roo through a full coaching series. Upon first speaking with her, I was smitten with her smart wit and impressed with her professional experience.  It wasn’t long after we began working together that I started to recognize just how authentic she is. As a coach, Roo is honest and encouraging. She celebrates progress the most authentic way and she let’s you know when you are off course and brings you back to your goal beautifully. Roo genuinely showed me that what I wanted was not only possible, but probable, and she brilliantly kept me on the right path through her perfectly timed questions and strategies for mindfulness. I have recently started working with her again, and just one session has brought me right back to the great feeling I had with our initial engagement. We have one life and it is meant to be lived joyously, and Roo is the only person I trust with my joyous life!”


HR Exec, Frankfurt


What if I need to cancel a session?

I know you’re juggling a lot and I’m happy to reschedule. I do, however, need 24 hours notice.

What if a big project hits and I can’t continue with my sessions?

There will always be a big project or something else going on that prevents you from taking the time to invest in yourself in this way.  I encourage my clients to continue on with the process wherever possible, although in certain very limited circumstances I do allow deferment until a later agreed date.

Is coaching really for professional people? Isn’t coaching a bit fringe element?

Absolutely not. Coaching is an incredible process of facilitating personal transformations.  Everyone deserves it.  When hard working professional people find the time for it, they generally get some amazing results as the focus and motivation that has served them in corporate life serves them doubly well once they decide what they need to achieve for themselves.

I have loads of anxiety, should I actually be seeing a psychologist?

I do not treat mental health issues as they are obviously the domain of medical professionals. Many clients do however see a psychologist or other therapist in concert with my coaching. My role is not to dive into emotional or psychological issues. My role is forward facing towards agreed goals.

What can I expect by the end of my sessions?

Coaching is a journey and like any journey, you can’t be sure of its outcome.  However, many clients achieve fabulous life goals by the end of their coaching series’ and experience genuine and sometimes dramatic changes in their lives. Whether this happens will often hinge on how ready the client is mentally to undergo the change and the self-work that they are prepared to put in over the course of the coaching series.

I am super educated and high achieving, can’t I just do this stuff for myself? How hard can it be to set some goals and then carry them through?

If you are living your dream life, then you may not need it. For most of us though, there are things we would like to change and somehow can’t or don’t. The coaching process facilitates change in a way that, for most people, can’t be done on their own.

Any chance I can get my work to pay for this?

It will depend on your work, but I’m happy to submit a proposal to your HR Department if they indicate a potential willingness.  They can also read more about my services to corporates here.

Do you work with both men and women?


I have a business idea in mind, can you help with business coaching too?

While I don’t tout myself as a business coach, I find that my years of legal practice greatly help clients work through their business dreams.  I have spent a lot of time assessing the viability of business proposals and advising on associated structuring and implementation, and I am happy to work with clients in this regard.  I’m probably not so hot on telling you whether one software is better than another though!

I want to do this but I’m already drowning in work, parenting and life, how can I find the time?

Ahh, my friend, you will wake 15 years from now and never have found the time. I know. I was that very person.  I don’t pretend it is easy to find the time but I’m betting you can find the time to pay the bills and take your kids to the doctor if necessary.  It’s simply a matter of prioritization.

Does coaching really do anything?

Oh my gosh YES! Yes, Yes, Yes! I have clients report phenomenal transformations and have personally experienced the incredible shifts that coaching can facilitate, for myself. Try a complimentary consult if you’re not yet convinced!

I’m currently on maternity leave or home with young kids and not working in my professional capacity, are your services still relevant to me?

Yes! Motherhood is a huge time of identity transition when a lot of mamas start questioning the lives they have set up for themselves pre-kids, wondering how they might be able to restructure their work or future work to spend more time with family.  If you are dreading the end of your maternity leave or otherwise feeling like there is no job out their suitable for you now that you have kids, my coaching is a perfect vehicle to support you through that and I have many clients in that space.

Do you comply with any ethical standards?

As a lawyer, I take legal and ethical obligations very seriously and I am acutely aware of the framework of regulation in which my business and business relationships operate.  I have pledged to follow the code of conduct set down by my coach training academy and I am further conscious that my clients require – and so take all possible steps to ensure –  the strictest levels of confidentiality and data storage and handling.

How much “homework” will there be coming out of each session?

The actions we set for you each session will be determined by what your ultimate goals are.  I am sensitive to the fact that my clients have insanely busy lives and we work together to ensure that you are not overloaded.  Clients should know however that they will need to set aside some time between sessions to take certain actions that we have agreed together in working towards their goals.  This time could be anywhere from 5 minutes per day to an hour on some days. Just remember that nothing changes unless something changes and you need to do the work to get the results! That said, most of my clients report feeling like they have more time once they have worked with me to strip back the inessentials.

My experience of coaching with Roo was truly life-shifting. I had always tried to be a centered, self-aware, giving, positive, balanced person, but I felt like I was spinning out of control.  I was working 60+ hours per week, trying to raise a family of three children, be super mom, super wife and be at the top in my career. It was overwhelming and I knew something had to change. Roo’s ability to get me thinking about my goals, dreams and fears is what I found to be most magical. I’ve become more self-aware so that I’m living in the moment. I felt supported and guided through the whole process.  Roo did a phenomenal job at listening, relating and steering me in the right direction to ensure the appropriate goals were set. There’s been a lot of changes but the best one is that I’m truly living in the moment more. It feels amazing!


Sr. Strategic Account Manager, Life Sciences, San Francisco

I describe my time coaching with Roo as liberating, enlightening and empowering. Since coaching with her, I feel more confident and that I have a place in the world.  I care less what people think and care more about what I think. Before the coaching, this was the vice versa.

I really do feel that I can achieve great things for myself and that I am not limited.  My husband has noticed that I am happier and more confident too.  I would definitely recommend coaching and go back again myself. Thank you coach Roo – you’re awesome.


Lawyer, London

Is this really for me?

You are the perfect client for me if:

  • You are overwhelmed with your all-consuming job and life responsibilities and desperately want to pare things back and find some calm
  • You are smart, hard-working and yet totally stuck in a life you didn’t quite plan for yourself
  • You lie in bed at night thinking of your next business idea, creative pursuit or a tree change, but somehow moving into action eludes you
  • You are a perfectionist who has ticked every box and done everything right (the “good girl/boy” way) without stopping to work out what’s right for YOU
  • You feel stifled by the corporate world and wonder deep down if maybe you could have been a writer/artist/gardener/photographer[insert dream job here]
  • You are happy enough in your corporate gig but you’re still searching for purpose and maybe some sideline passion projects
  • There’s a part of you that’s not quite being seen or heard in your current role and you wonder how to set that person free 
  • You know what you’d love to be doing but don’t feel brave enough to do it or need help to reshape your life to make it happen 
  • You dream of working your own thing on your own terms 
  • You want to work to LIVE not live to WORK 
  • You want motivation and empathetic support for clear actionable steps towards a better way of living, but crystals and sister circles aren’t quite your thing….well maybe not yet anyway 
  • You value highly rational and critical thinking which comes from a warm and supportive place of non-judgment – without too much fluffy stuff
  • You are a life learner and truth seeker who wants to live a meaningful life with purpose.

Am I ready?

If what you’ve read so far resonates, then hell yeah! Let’s do this!  There will always be a MILLION reasons not to and I would hazard a guess you are running through those right now – time,  money, self-doubt – I know, I know, that was me too!  But life is not a dress rehearsal – you’ve got one shot at this my friend – and, frankly, most people spend more on coffees and cocktails each year!  So let’s get you on your way to reshaping that one life of yours into something mind-blowingly good and deeply rewarding!  Isn’t it time?

The biggest change I have noticed since working with Roo is that I feel more in control of my own life. I no longer feel stuck and I know that most things can be changed if I put my mind to it. The  changes facilitated by Roo’s coaching have manifested in all areas of my life, including changes in study and career direction and feelings of inner peace.  I would definitely consider doing more coaching again down the track.


University Student, Melbourne