That got you curious didn’t it!

I’ll tell you more about that later, but first, let me introduce myself. I’m Roo Harris, a people-loving introvert and accidental lawyer with a penchant for pina coladas and podcasts.  I’m a coach, writer and speaker who wants to get you from overworked and overwhelmed to living well.

I went from checking work emails in bed to actually reading in bed for pleasure again (and staying awake long enough to enjoy it!).

From middle of the night conference calls and a zombie-like existence to finding my  purpose and becoming present.

From breast-milk in my hair to … slightly unkempt hair. I’m still working on that…

But most importantly, I went from a lawyer to a life coach because I realised that

helping professional people reshape their lives with passion and purpose at the centre

was what I was meant to do.

So, how did I go from being the legal counsel for the rich dude to here? I’m glad you asked.

THE ACCIDENTAL LAWYER: I was one of those lawyers who never really meant to be. I accidentally spent 15 years slogging away at something I never intended, all the while wondering when I’d be brave enough to finally do the things I love. The last three of my lawyering years were spent working for a member of a royal family in a far-away Middle Eastern kingdom. It sounds like a fairy tale. It wasn’t. It was a round-the-clock pummelling of contracts, deals and negotiations, and a constant dance with exhaustion and overwhelm. It sucked.

THE NEW MUM: After my kids were born, things got worse and MY FABULOUS MID-LIFE CRISIS announced itself.  This was not the plan people!  Other peoples’ babies looked so cute and slept so much.  Mine, on the other hand, liked to party – all of the day, and all of the night – a bit like their mother in her 20’s. But where was that woman now? And who was this woman? I had no freakin’ idea.  Somewhere along the way, I had completely lost myself.  

THE TURNING POINT: The journey from then to now wasn’t easy. I didn’t hit rock bottom as such, I just knew I couldn’t go on drowning in emails and 4am conference calls between feeds. Something had to change. Thankfully, my crazed, perfectionist streak put me in good stead for unpicking the “how” and unpacking the “why”, and then forging forward with a new way of living. Slowly, slowly, and with enormous effort, I worked to reshape things – to find out who I was, and put the things that give me joy in the centre again.

THE NEW ME: So I live differently now. I’m actually here, present. I don’t even recognise that mad-eyed workaholic with a bulging inbox and breast milk in her hair – who let her in?! I spend time reading, writing, ruminating. I spend quality time with my family and friends. I don’t check emails while in bed. Things are calmer and clearer – I have brain space, passions and purpose. Life is awesome. I know who I am.

And who am I?

I’m a life coach

A life coach for you corporate types who perhaps don’t quite believe in life coaches

A life coach for those who are still stuck in The Overwhelm, having studiously worked their way into jobs that don’t light them up

A life coach for high achievers who got too busy achieving and never took the time to explore their passions and purpose

A life coach for professional people who are dreaming of a different life where they work to live, not live to work

For the fed-up who want a start-up

For the upstart who needs a jump-start

For those deep in the fog of a demanding job who want to start living life on THEIR terms

I am here for you

I take it you’re here because there’s something about my story that resonates. I take it

you’re here because you’re looking for a way out of the overwhelm. A way to get back to

who you really are or find who you’re meant to be. And finally do stuff that lights you up.


Want to know more?

I’m also:

  • 90% normal. 10% odd. Aren’t we all? 
  • Non-religious.  John Lennon got it right. Love is the answer. As is Yoga.
  • a mama to a wild, bare-foot, red-headed, girl-child and a tractor-obsessed boy-child.
  • a wife to Tom, an engineer, who is also wild and red-headed and obsessed with heavy vehicles.

I love:


  • cabins. Give me a hut in the wilderness any day. Right now, if possible.
  • anything 80s. Sorry, I know—it’s so sad. St Elmo’s Fire theme song, anyone?
  • neurosciency-stuff.
  • Louis Theroux. Making of Murderer. Serial.  What’s not to love? I’m a doco junkie.
  • Wine with friends. Antipasto. Summer nights.

You don’t want any old coach. You don’t want any fluff or voodoo.

You want the expertise paired with experience. You want substance paired with genuine results. And that’s why I’d say I’m a pretty good match for you.


  • Fifteen years as an international commercial lawyer has given me expert training for coaching. I’m the guru of breaking down and analysing problems, seeing patterns, connecting dots, asking powerful questions, and developing frameworks for change. I wasn’t a private adviser to His Highness on account of my pretty face!
  • I have multiple degrees from one of the world’s best universities which have trained me to think critically and communicate well. You can’t provide truly powerful and transformational coaching without this.
  • I hear you. I’m the sensitive and empathetic kind. I don’t judge. I know how hard the juggle is and how hopeless it feels to be stuck.
  • I’m practical and pragmatic. I know most of us can’t just throw in the day job (and many of us wouldn’t want to). We need carefully calculated strategies for transition, reconfiguration or revitalisation.
  • I am seriously results driven. I will give you my tenacious support.
  • Oh, and I’m a qualified coach – of course – with a consuming interest in positive psychology, mindfulness and good living. I relentlessly read on these topics so you don’t have to.

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Want to see the professional side of me?

Roo Harris is a life coach, writer, speaker and lawyer. Before her transition to coaching, Roo was a lawyer for over 15 years specialising in international commercial transactions, particularly in the sports and hospitality industries. She was also the dedicated legal counsel to a member of the royal family in one of the world’s richest countries. Roo’s adventurous and brave spirit has seen her travel to all seven continents of the earth, swimming in Antarctica, hiking volcanos in Guatemala and surviving a Grade 4 cyclone in Cuba.  She was also one of the first women to ever be admitted as a lawyer in the State of Qatar. It is this passion and unrelenting desire to experience ‘joy in the journey’ that underpins her work in coaching other professionals through ‘the Overwhelm’. Roo has a consuming interest in positive psychology, mindfulness and good living. She loves helping clients get clear on their goals and their purpose, and facilitating the change needed for them to live boldly and with balance. She coaches internationally but lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband, Tom, and kids, Clementine and Hugo.