Corporates! Hello!  

Thanks for dropping by.  I love that you’re thinking about coaching for your staff.  And I love that you’re brave enough to consider a different kind of coaching. 

Unlike most other coaches, my goal for your staff is not strictly performance related.  Sure, we can goal-set around performance issues – I get that they are important – but in my experience, great company performance rests on happy, motivated employees.  In my experience, companies only thrive when their people are thriving. 

So how do you help your people thrive? And how do I coach for mutual employee + employer success? Well, first up, I help your employees wade out of “The Overwhelm”, pare things back and find some proper calm.  If you hadn’t noticed, everyone is way too busy these days and things have gotten kind of insane – so that must be the starting point.  Next, I help your people get total clarity on their passions and purpose, and then work with them to rethink and reshape their lives accordingly, with their passions and purpose at the center, so they can work and live better. 

Do you want employees who feel deeply valued because their workplace acknowledges that they are more than just their work product (what you care about) and actually helps them to facilitate their life goals (what they care about)? 

Do you want to create a workplace that’s known for it’s super positive and highly motivated culture?  A place that’s filled with people who are happy to be at work and riding high on the feeling that comes from consciously and effectively working towards your life goals?

Is that a yes?! Smart companies in some pockets of the world have been doing this for years. Why? Because they understand that content employees are good workers, content employees feel good about themselves and want to do the best darn job they can. Oh, and genuinely caring about the lives of your employees feels great (and isn’t too bad PR either).

During my 15 year legal career, I worked in a variety of workplace settings and some of them didn’t much care about the life goals of their people. It was all just bill, bill, bill! It did not engender a desire to do my best and mostly it equated to lawyers standing around whining to each other.  I did however work in one place where personalised goal-setting and coaching was a key feature, and wow did that get results! We saw how our day-to-day work formed part of the grand vision we had for our lives and this made us motivated and engaged in our work beyond belief.  It felt fantastic! 

  Sound interesting? Want to know more?

My corporate offerings are prepared on a bespoke basis. I take into account things like the number of employees to be coached and the level of coaching service required.  Please contact me to get the ball rolling and request a coaching project proposal.