Have you dutifully slogged your way into a corporate role that’s not really you?

Are you so far stuck in The Overwhelm of emails, stress and work demands that you’re not even sure who you are anymore?

Do you secretly dream of ditching your “safe”, respectable job for some crazed creative start up/blogging empire/organic farm co-op or soul mama/boss lady enterprise?

Are you ready to live life on YOUR terms? To reshape it with your passions and purpose at

the centre?

Why work with me?

I have lived all of this and know well the exhaustion, frustration, fear and occasional self-loathing that go with it.  I know the longing to have 5 minutes to yourself and the never-ending “to do” list. I know the late night plotting of a new life that’s forgotten by the morning rush. I know the niggling thoughts that maybe you could do something else with your life – if you only had the time and energy – and the STUCK feeling that comes from not knowing how to reshuffle your world.

Well, breathe easy people. Help is here. I am a tenacious, empathetic and straight-talking life coach who helps over-worked, high-achieving clients wade through The Overwhelm to a place of calm, clarity and sensational living.  

Together, we work out a plan to carve out the space needed to find and explore your passions and purpose, and then plot actions to re-shape your life with a focus on things that actually matter to you, like meaningful work and day-to-day joy, instead of survival.

Re-shaping your life in this way is not just about getting to do the things you love every day, it’s about getting to FEEL bold, creative, free and rock-star confident.  It’s about the truly elated feeling that comes with having your passions and purpose course through you in everything you do.  And in turn, it’s about knowing who you are.

Wouldn’t a Change Be Nice?