Until recently, I’ll admit, I didn’t get this whole “alignment thing”.  I didn’t know what it was and frankly, I didn’t care. I was a busy and important person who had important stuff to do.  Super important stuff.  Like drafting big documents and writing big scary letters to people about my client’s rights.  “Oooooooh…..” I hear you say, “that does sound big and important”.  Indeed.

And so it came to be I was the kind of person who would dismiss words like “alignment” and other woo-woo stuff.  Fairy-minded clap-trap! Where’s the peer-reviewed evidence?! Had I bothered to think of it – which I most certainly did not – “alignment” would have been shelved somewhere between tarot cards and karma, kale supplements and sister circles.  It was in my mind, for the academically weak.

So this is me doing a massive 180, eating my words, and grovelling profusely to those way more enlightened souls who I have likely just insulted with the previous paragraph.  This is me acknowledging my profound ignorance and then trying to make good by sharing the message.  It’s a message to the non-believer corporate masses still stuck behind desks in offices somewhere on the 31st floor of buildings in cities around the world working into the wee hours of the night.

Firstly, I’m sorry, I know how much it can suck to be you.

Secondly, if you didn’t quite mean to be living this life, or if something about it just doesn’t feel quite right, if you’ve poured everything you have into your work and responsibilities and somehow still come up short, then maybe the woo-woo-warriors have something.  Maybe you need to check this alignment thing out.   Maybe your Masters degrees haven’t taught you everything you need to know about “getting ahead” in this world.  And maybe there’s something to be said for things not yet proven by men in white lab-coats.

So what is alignment exactly? I can’t speak for others but for me it’s been a process of working towards becoming the person I always knew I was.  A process of shedding the skins that weren’t mine to begin with, but that I chose to wear anyway.  A process of aligning my identity with my work, and my work with my purpose, and with my values.  A process of getting synched.   

It meant walking away from the good resume, the solid salary and the job that made grandparents proud.  It meant untying my ego and letting go the status that comes with “a legal career”.  It meant a long, hard journey of working out where I fit and what I’m here for.  It was a slow strategic dance to match up the pieces of my outside world to fit the inside me.

And here’s the thing peeps, the thing that no-one tells you: alignment feels freaking amazing.  Rock star wonderful. The inside me feels like hugging strangers and declaring loudly to passers-by how good this feels. It sounds a bit bat-sh*t crazy but really it’s bat sh*t fantastic.  On some deep cellular level, everything is finally right with the world.

So where do I go from here? What happens next? I don’t really know and strangely, I don’t care.  I trust that feeling like this can only lead me someplace beautiful.  I know I’m on a path I need to be on and that for now it’s enough to just keep on it.  There’s a sweet freedom to finally being me and OH BABY, I’m just getting started….